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Spinner Swivel – This is the perfect choice for anybody who want less metal-ware on their spinner rigs. The Spinner Swivel comes in size 11 and simply features a crook on one side of it, onto which the eye of your hook can easily be located, and held in place with a Kicker, and with just a normal swivel eye on the other side of it, which a loop of Boom material can easily be crimped to. This simplifies everything and makes it less obtrusive, by doing away with a metal ring as part of the swivel. You get 12 Spinner Swivels in a pack.


Spinner Ring Swivel – The Spinner Ring Swivel has been specifically designed for use with spinner rigs, and does away with the need to make do with other types of swivel which aren’t made for that purpose. Previously using a spinner rig often involved having to use a pair of pliers to open up a QC Swivel or similar and jam the hook onto it, but these have a crooked shape opening which the hook can easily be slid onto, and then a piece of shrink tubing or a medium Kicker is used to cover the connection and keep everything in place and sitting at the right angle. This size 11 swivel also helps to create very neat spinner boom sections, with the ring at the other end of it giving plenty of movement, and allowing you to crimp tightly to it, or if you’re using more supple materials which are being tied directly to the ring. You get ten Spinner Swivels in a pack. 

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