We are nearing the end of the river season now and Colin and billy wanted to get out before it all ended. Grabbing the trotting gear and baits off they went to throop fishery on the Dorset Stour. Lets read on to see how they got on.

After a hard morning seeing Billy loose a decent fish in the weed and managing to catch a small chub, They found a shoal of fish and Colin made the most of it. Baiting little and often with half a dozen red maggots for 20 minutes to get the fish feeding confidently. After the baiting period the fishing began seeing results near on instantly. By the time he had finished in the swim he had managed to catch one chub twice.

After bumping a couple fish the bites dried up pretty quick, on the move again settling in a swim Colin had previously fished and had great results. Again baiting little and often with red maggots for about 30 minutes this time. Saw a dace on the first trot and a decent chub shortly after. The bites weren’t easy but if you put in the bait and kept a constant flow of maggots going in the fish were coming out. By the end he had managed to catch 3 decent sized roach to 12oz, chub to around 2lb+ and dace.

Hope you enjoyed the session report, they certainly enjoyed the session!

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