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The Engetsu Kyorin Baku Baku utilises a low centre of gravity head shape that produces a complex flow of water behind the head creating a unique fish attracting action from the silicon skirts. SCALE BOOST 3D holographic film on the head, along with the 3D holographic eye, further increases its fish attracting properties.$ The Engetsu Kyorin Baku Baku might look unusual, but they can be brilliantly effective for a wide variety of species, so ignore them at your own risk. Ideal for flat sandy bottoms, in deep or shallow water, they are very easy to fish. Drop them to the bottom, and slowly start to winch them up, adding an occasional pause or gentile jerk. The low centre of gravity head shape creates a resonance when moving through the water, which produces a complex flow of water over the silicon skirts. With the addition of SCALE BOOST on the head and a 3D holographic eye, success is just a drop and slow wind away.

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