HTO Slow Jig




A highly effective vertical jig, its flat, bullet shape ensure that it is fast sinking so it will reach the kill zone quickly, ideal when drifting across a structure and time is of the essence. Unlike some traditional style jigs, slow jigs should be worked slowly, this creates flashes, vibrations and flutters as the jig is moved through the water, irresistible to predatory fish. The jig body is slightly contoured to enhance this action and works well in conjunction with the holographic patterns for maximum attraction. Our Slow Jigs have been responsible for catching over forty species in the UK alone, from bass, cod and pollack to wrasse and gurnards. A fun and exciting method of fishing that yields fantastic rewards.

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120g, 60g, 80g


06-Silver, 07-Black Silver, 11-Pink Silver, 12-Orange


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