TronixPro Beaded Spreader BoomS


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TronixPro Beaded Spreader Booms:

A boat boom that is suited to targeting bottom dwelling fish. Designed to be used predominantly when drift fishing from a boat, the two booms keep two hook snoods away from each other and fishing in a straight line either side of the weight. The series of green and black beads adds visual attraction, which is important when targeting inquisitive flatfish such as plaice. Two small swivels on either end of the booms are ideal for clipping on hook lengths, giving the angler the option to quick change snoods as they see fit depending on the situation. These spreaders are fantastic when fishing for plaice, in conjunction with snoods that have been dressed in beads and blades. Spreaders are also useful when targeting smaller species with finer snoods and hooks, such as dragonets.



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