ESP Leadcore Bulk Spool


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The original camo leadcore was one of the items on the initial product launch way back in 1999 and it has cetainly stood the test of time, being still widely regarded as the best Leadcore out there.
ESP Leadcore is extremely supple due to the soft lead core and as a result, it hugs the bottom and follows its contours making this some of the most inconspicuous and efficient leader material available.
The Leadcores individual shades darken down when wet to blend perfectly with their respective backgrounds. Fast sinking, reliably strong, easy to splice.


Available in Original Camo Brown, Weedy Green, Choddy Silt and Sandy Gravel to closely match a variety of different substrates.

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Camo, Choddy Silt, Sandy Gravel, Weedy Green


Camo, Choddy Silt, Sandy Gravel, Weedy Green


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