The last match of the 2017 Neptune League was at Milford Shingle Bank on Monday in freezing conditions with a wind to match.

This year’s league had all but been won by Christchurch Angling, we were a long way behind this time around. Despite this we fielded a full team (4 anglers) complete with a match plan; all fish to the right of the rock groyne and each angler catch a 10lb+ undulate ray on the first cast! After the first cast we switched to plan B; catch a ray each on the next cast.

Needless to say plan A or B didn’t work but we did all manage to catch and contribute to the team’s total weight. I only caught 1 dogfish, Paul Watson caught 2 dogs and a pout, John Tharme caught a whiting, bass and a pout being his only sizeable fish, Malcolm Stote caught 3 decent sized dogfish and a pout. In all, a reasonable haul of 9lb 12oz for sub zero weather in December.

We won the match by 12oz and also managed to boost the team’s overall placing up to 5th with a total weight of 27lb 2oz. Like I said, a bad year for team Loni’s this time.

If plan A or B worked, we would have won the league…….there is always next year. Bring on 2018!

A massive thanks to the Loni’s team; Malcolm Stote, Arron Bridges, Jamie Munden, Paul Watson and John Tharme. It’s been a pleasure!