Once again in 2015, Loni’s entered the Neptune league which runs from April through to December. This time, we were able to enter two teams; ‘Us’ and ‘Them’. The team that had already fished the previous year were called ‘Us’ squad comprising Malcolm Stote, Garry Mann, Paul Watson, Jamie Munden, Chris Ellis and Pete Wilson. The other team, ‘Them’, consisted of Nigel Downer, Ed Taylor, Paul Watson, Tom Short, Gavin Sloper and Andy Dawkins. To make things interesting, I put up £120 in vouchers for the team that finished highest. The year’s matches took place at Milford Shingle Banks, Steamer Point, Poole(Sandbanks), Hengistbury Head and Warren Edge in Southbourne.

Both teams had their highs and lows over the year not least due to the venues creating some difficulties due to lengthy walks. The best result from either team was at Hengistbury Head in July when Loni’s Us had over 37lb of fish which included a record breaking bass of 14lb 6oz caught by Paul Watson. I would just like to add that the team’s plan was to target smoothounds that everyone else managed (we let Paul off). Loni’s Them did not have any matches as glorious, however, they did manage to beat Us convincingly on a couple of occasions one of which was again at Hengistbury Head in August. They smashed ‘Us’ and, in fact, Tom Short caught more than enough fish (after almost losing them in his car) on his own, I say this begrudgingly. ‘Them’ did not always field a full team either which makes their smaller victories even greater.

So, as the end of the year came round with Us clear winners over Them, Us finished 2nd in the weight league once again and 4th in points. This was lower than the previous year and Loni’s Them finished the year in 7th and 9th respectively, a great effort for their first attempt (we, or should I say US, still beat you!).

The Neptune League is made up of 9 monthly matches from April to December inclusive. Each team can have a squad of 6 anglers but may only field 4 on any one match. There are two tables within the league and an aggregate weight and a points table. The points are based on your team finishing positions at the end of each match and added together match on match, one point for a win. Lowest points total wins and the weight is simply all your match weights added together and quite simply the highest total wins.

If anyone is interested in joining either of the Loni’s teams then feel free to put yourself forward, the more the merrier!

See you on the waters edge…