The Thinking Anglers slim quiver bag targets a broad range of anglers. This product would best suit roving carp and river anglers, or just anglers that don’t take a lot of tackle with them. This revamped model of the quiver is better than the old style because it has the 600D material which makes the bag 100% waterproof and other key features such as, the external pockets, velcro straps for the rods and the brolly system straps.

The best feature of the bag is it’s size, it is 104cm high and only 11cm in width. The Thinking Anglers quiver is actually one of the smallest on the market. It features a 4.5cm main pocket in the centre for the storage of a net and a handle. It can house up to three made up rods – reel pouches are available in the same range should you want additional protection for them during, transport and storage. One side of the bag has a small external pocket which can house both distance and bank sticks. There is another larger pocket on the bottom, which is designed for strapping a brolly system to the quiver. Finally, the bag has a padded strap that goes over your rods, a thick padded carry handle and a padded detachable shoulder strap should you not want it on the bag.


The beauty of the Thinking Anglers compact luggage range is that it reduces the amount of tackle you can take with you on your sessions. If circumstances arise that mean you have to change swim, you can be packed away in no time and on the move. I would highly recommend having a look at the Thinking Anglers Compact Material Range.

More blog posts to follow on the Thinking Anglers material range soon.