The JRC TX Extreme range offers a rod for everybody, whether that be the 10 foot compact version or the 12 foot 3lb, 3.25lb, 3.5lb and 3.75lb test curve options. To compliment the range there is also a spod/marker combination rod available. The rods utilise modern carbon technology which makes the rod lighter and flexible, it also has stylish guides and reel seat which makes the rods look good.

The rods have several key features that make them my favourite rod to use. They have a 50mm butt ring and a tip ring with oversized arms which stop the line wrapping around the tip. They also have slim inlays and SIC guides. These rods are available with either abbreviated handles, Japanese shrink wrap and grade A cork handles. Additionally, these rods come with a carbon line clip. these allow the angler to fish a tight line at the reel and a slack line through the rod. Finally, they are finished with a laser etched butt which displays the JRC logo.

Currently, JRC have a special offer on these rods, which gives a significant saving. this offer is three for the price of two, which gives a minimum saving of £99.99 up to £129.99 depending on what size and style you buy. the performance of the rods is exceptional, with a soft tip and a strong back bone which is key when playing a fish, but also when casting reasonable distances I would highly recommend buying these rods if you are looking for a mid-range rod for under £150.