Following on from our post about selecting your rod, we thought it would be worth taking a look at leads. Leads come in a huge variety of shapes designed to work in different ways, whether it be for casting accurately or how it sits on the bottom.

Here at Loni’s we cater for all anglers and although certain leads would only be used by certain anglers. There are some basic rules for choosing a lead that apply regardless, such as, type, depth, distance, ground and current.

  • Type of lead – For example, inline or swivel lead. Although this will mostly be determined by your choice of rig.
  • Depth of water – A deeper sea with a strong current will mean you need to get through the water column quicker, although shallow water may cause your lead to get stuck in the mud/silt.
  • Strength of current/tide/flow – Depending on the current/flow you will need to adjust the lead to give you more or less grip.
  • Distance required – The further you need the more aerodynamic the weight needs to be and possibly heavier as well.
  • Ground – What is the bottom like? Is the ground flat? are you fishing over gravel/shingle or sand/silt?

Over the next few weeks we will look at each shape and their benefits and when to use them in more detail.

See you by the waters edge.