Lymington and Pennington Seawall runs from the slipway at Lymington to Keyhaven harbour hugging the coast line throughout.Being a tidal venue it is important to fish when there is a least 1.5/2m of water (and rising) as it will run dry in many places or be very shallow which could lead you to lose tackle.

The fish you are most likely to encounter depends on the time of year, smoothound run from late spring to late summer especially at the Pennington end of the wall (southern half). Bass and flounders tend to be caught year round although the bass peak in the summer wereas the flounders are in greater numbers through the colder months. Stingrays are often targeted in august around ‘canes corner’ large ragworm are an ideal bait although you will have to contend with very hungry checker bass.

Aden Bank is one one of the best spots to fish in the summer for a variety of fish as you can catch plenty of small bass as well as gilt head bream, flounder, golden grey mullet, mullet, eels and smoothounds, although the fish are generally smaller along this section you can catch many fish making it a pleasant day (weather providing).

The number 1 choice of rig would have to be a 2 up 1 down flapper rig using smaller sized hooks and pop up beads to avoid the crabs. If you are targeting the large species like stingrays and smoothounds the a pulley rig or a stepped up version of the 1 up 1 down flapper. Worm and crab baits are all you will every really need along the seawall, just suit the size of baits to your hooks and take enough to feed the crabs as well.

Parking at the various access points is free, the gravel lay-bys are down country lanes so you can sometime be left without a space, the seawall is also a popular walking venue so please be courteous to other using.