TronixPro Xenon Tapered Leaders


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TronixPro Xenon Tapered Leaders:


Made from advanced copolymer to create a strong and supple leader, each tapered leader is continuous and knotless, tapering from a mainline diameter to a thicker shockleader diameter, this taper enables the angler to tie neat, tight and compact knots when attaching a shockleader to their mainline. The leaders creating the smaller knots is and advantage to the angler that uses the continental style rods. The continental rods generally have a smaller eye so the small knot will always pass through with ease, increasing casting efficiency.


When shortened, our Xenon Tapered Shockleaders can be used by boat anglers who prefer smaller, tapered knots when fishing with braid to a mono leader. Available in clear for anglers fishing in shallow or clear water and in daylight and in orange for night time fishing and when the angler wants a visual reference of when the leader is close to shore.

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