TronixPro Floating Glow Balls




TronixPro Floating Glow Balls:

A versatile, soft 8mm bead that is equally as attractive in the day time as it is at night. When fishing in the daytime they are brightly coloured just like a normal bead, when it turns dark, they turn luminous, sending out irresistible visual attraction to all inquisitive species. To give this an extra bit of attraction, we recommend using our Tronixpro UV Torch, which will boost their luminosity even further. These beads do not have a central hole like other beads, they are designed to be pushed onto the snood via the hook. This makes them grippy so they will stay in position on the snood line, allowing them to be placed wherever the angler wants. They are buoyant so they will add extra attraction and movement to the hook length via the motion of the water. Superb for suspending light baits just above the sea bed, a prime spot for picking up flounder and plaice.

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Yellow, Green, Pink, White


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