TronixPro Baitex Tubes




A smaller, ergonomically shaped Baitex dispenser that comes with 250m of Baitex. Designed to fit in your hand easy while keeping the Baitex clean from bait juices and other dirt. The tube is clear so you can see how much Baitex is left on the spool. The cap of the tube helps to eliminate Baitex working its way back into the tube. You simply click open the cap to release the Baitex when binding a bait and then close the cap to lock the elastic in place ready for the next use. This cap closure ensures that no dirt, moisture etc. can enter the tube. You can also change the tension on the Baitex by half pressing the cap in. Baitex refills are available in each grade of Baitex (fine, medium, heavy) so once you’ve purchased the tube, you don’t need to buy another, simply refill it when empty.

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