Seadra Nimbus Slow Jig




Trialled extensively on the fish filled wrecks of the English Channel for the last two years, the Seadra Nimbus Slow Jig has proved a deadly addition to the armoury of both inshore and offshore boat anglers seeking the UK’s favourite species- the cod. Designed from the outset with cod in mind, a brace of dazzling colours finished in a super resilient coating make for a lure that has proved to be truly irresistible to the intended species.
The attractive delicate flutter that reveals itself as the lure eases its way in to the depths appeals to the predatory instincts of cod, pollack and other species whilst the addition of outstandingly sharp heavy gauge wire assist hooks ensures that following an aggressive take, the point hammers home and holds your catch all the way to the surface.

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130g, 160g, 200g


Holo Pink, Rhubarb & Custard


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