Seadra Floating Glow Stop Beads


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hese highly luminous beads add both buoyancy and extra attraction to your bait. They grip on to lines of up to 0.45mm (Best used with 15lb, 20lb and 25lb) which means that they also act as a bait stop as well as an attractor. The highly buoyant material helps to give lift to your bait and by varying the construction of your rig and the number of beads used you can either make a bait flutter just above the sea bed or rise up in the water to attract fish feeding higher off of the bottom

The beads are mounted on wire loops making it easy to slide them on to your trace line. The oval shape both increases the grip on the trace line and also makes the bead more streamlined for better casting when used on clipped distance rigs. The luminous finish gives increased attraction and a quick blast with your torch or UV light will boost the glow either in the day or at night.

Ideal for targeting flatties, bream and whiting as well as picking up pelagic spices such as scad, mackerel and garfish.

* Please note Glowing blue look white in daylight but glow blue at night!!

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