Sakura Folding Net


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Developed by Sakura, this folding landing net benefits from a qualitative design and will become an essential partner for your pike fishing sessions. Indispensable to any fisherman, the landing net is an accessory that deserves attention if you do not wish to encounter setbacks at the crucial moment of the “dry” capture.

Solid and very practical to use, the Sakura folding landing net is floating! In navigation, who has not seen his landing net being ejected and ending up at the bottom of the lake or river? Its buoyancy will be a precious help, placed on the freeboard of the boat, ready to play its role while waiting for the fish to be defeated.

  • Ideal landing net in a boat
  • Folding landing net with retractable handle and screw clamping system
  • Quick to unfold and fold
  • Floating
  • Rubber-coated mesh netting to preserve fish integrity
  • Deep net to keep the fish in the water while waiting for the stall and photo

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