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The Dark Matter Rig is a favourite of Neil Spooner and is very simple to construct, but if you want to take all of the hassle out of doing it, or don’t have much spare time, then this ready-tied version is the perfect choice. It can be used with either bottom or wafter-style hookbaits, and thanks to the Extenda Hair Stops, which are included, it can be used with pretty much any sized bait (although the length of hair varies based on the hook size), or even with different lengths of separation between hook and bait. It is constructed using a Wide Gape hook, but with the addition of a piece of shrink tubing to give it a more aggressive angle and improve hooking, plus a piece of silicone ensures that the hair leaves the hook at the perfect point to help it turn and take a hold. It is tied on Dark Matter braid, which sinks incredibly well and blends in with the bottom, with a suitable breaking strain to match the hook size. It comes in a choice of barbed or barbless, with a size 2 Wide Gape hook to 30lb Dark Matter braid; a size 4 or 6 to 20lb; and size 8 or 10 to 15lb. You get one rig per pack.

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Barbed, Barbless


10/15lb, 2/30lb, 4/20lb, 6/20lb, 8/15lb


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