Here are some results of matches held at Orchard Lakes, Bashley in the last week.

Wednesday 23rd November

8 anglers fished the open, pegs 14 to 28 on the match lake.

1st. Nathan Fox 30lb 04oz (peg 14)
2nd. Adam Sear 17lb 12oz (peg 24)
3rd. John Alexander 15lb 12oz (peg 22)

Nathan Fox 18lb 12oz

Thursday 24th November

22 anglers fished the Old Gits open on the match lake, pegs 2 to 44.

1st. Jem Turner 49lb 00oz (Peg 28)
2nd. Bryan Moore 27lb 08oz (peg 32)
3rd. Chris Osborne 26lb 00oz (peg 14)
4th. Mick Maidment 24lb 02oz (peg 22)

Will Kendrick 8lb 04oz (peg 20)

Sunday 27th November

11 anglers fished the silver fish open on the main lake.

1st. Darel Faletto 15lb 04oz
2nd. Nathan Fox 14lb 04oz
3rd. John Pole 13lb 08oz