Orchard lakes is made up of 5 lakes; Main, Atkins, Tench, Jakes and Match with a carp lake in the process of being dug.

The orchard fishery is also equipped with a café, shop and toilet facilities. There is also camping available if you are planning a relaxing trip.

Fishery rules are fairly simple such as barbless hooks, landing nets, no keepnets (unless you’re match fishing), unhooking mats, groundbait in feeders only and fishery pellet only.

The match lake is the most popular with regular matches producing good weights as well as being frequented by pleasure anglers catching fish throughout the day such as chub, bream, barbel or carp up to 20lb. This lake is often compared to a snake being approximately 14-18m in width all the way around. Anglers can drive around 2/3 of the lake making access simple for anyone that has trouble walking or carrying their tackle. Popular baits are bread, maggots, fishery pellet (available at Loni’s) as well as corn and meat

The main lake is currently home to the fishery’s largest carp at approximately 26lb. Other fish are 3lb plus perch, a good head of Silver fish. In the past, this lake has been difficult to access being at the bottom of a slope but now there is a second car park at the end of the lake allowing anglers a shorter flatter walk.

The lake has many features, plenty of swims with reed beds along the margins and two snaggy islands reachable from a good number of swims which provide a great feature for carp to patrol. The other three lakes are all smaller yet well stocked with carp, tench, roach, rudd and bream. We will keep you updated on the fishery’s developments.

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