This year’s LDSFC Flounder open sponsored by Loni’s was full of highs despite the lows. The event saw 68 anglers attend with an increase in junior entrants covering a range of ages with all juniors coming back to the presentation at the end of the day getting a prize.

The weather would prove challenging as anglers had to endure a blustery NE wind without a great deal of cover along the seawall. The number of flounders caught were a lot less than desired with only two being caught, there were a number of bass caught mostly around 2lb with a couple of larger ones near 4lb, a least these kept our anglers occupied.

The first reports of a flounder were towards the end of the match (roughly an hour to go), this one having being caught from the Lymington end of the wall.



Roughly 30 mins later there were reports of another flounder caught, this time from the Pennington end of the wall. The second flounder was caught by local angler Roland Blomfield an angler that never seems to fail when it comes to this competition.


By the time the end of the comp came about I hadn’t of any more flounders been caught. Sure enough there were only the two caught with the largest being 505g caught by Roland and the other flounder weighed 285g caught by Kevin Burke.

Roland claimed his £400 cash prize and the heaviest flounder prize of £200 cash was awarded to Kevin as each angler could only claim one prize. All the other prizes that weren’t won have been rolled over to next years event.

Five of the ten juniors that entered had returned to the presentation and were all awarded a prize, unfortunately the juniors didn’t catch any flounders although some of them did land a few bass


Thank you to all the anglers who attended the event this year, next years Flounder Comp will be Sunday 6th January 2019.

Sadly there were a number of flounders washed up/dumped at the start of the seawall. The are a couple of different reasons as to how these may of come to be there but the most likely is that they were discarded by someone not being able to sell or use them for pot bait as the weather has been so rough of late.