There are now less than 3 weeks until the Flounder Open! Loni’s will be open 2pm to 4pm on Sunday 1st January for anyone wishing to collect the day before as well as being open from 7am on the day of the comp.

Below are the rules and a map highlighting the boundaries.

Lymington Flounder Open Rules

• £15 entry per angler.
• Junior section is free to enter.
• Sign in from 9am at LDSFC HQ, Bath Rd, Lymington.
• Fishing 10.30am to 1.30pm
• Scales close at 3pm, LDSFC HQ.
• Anglers may use 1 rod and up to 3 hooks.
• Anglers may have another trace/rig baited.
• Anglers may have another rod set up but without a rig attached.
• Fishing between the washboards at Lymington Haven to corner by Pier. (Maps will be at sign in)
• Any flounders must be 27cm or over to count.
• All anglers enter at their own risk; L&D.S.F.C and Loni’s are not liable for any loss, damage or injury.
• To give a better spread of prizes, the overall competition winner cannot win the “heaviest single flounder” prize.
• Anglers can only win 1 prize. 


• 1st Prize of £500 will go to the angler with the heaviest overall weight of flounder.

• Heaviest flounder will be up to the value of £250.

• Prizes to be selected from the prize table thereafter, (prize table is subject to entry).

• Junior section, all juniors attending weigh in will get a prize.

Boundary Markers

Boundary Markers