We had the perfect conditions for the second round of our mini series last night.

We fished along Frairs Cliff pegged between the groynes, with all anglers having the same supplied bait (rag, squid and mackerel).

Tom Short was the best angler on the night with a total length of 637cm that included the longest fish of the match a 81cm conger eel. 

Chris Ellis won his zone is spectacular fashion as once again he finished a long way ahead of the other anglers in his zone.

Zone 1
1st Tom Short 637cm
2nd Garry Mann 535cm
3rd Paul Watson 425cm
4th Ben Daniel 360cm
5th Will King 353cm
6th Dan Bristow 236cm

Zone 2
1st Chris Ellis 530cm
2nd Dave Chidzoy 378cm
3rd Luke Woodford 255cm
4th Glen Short 160cm
5th Billy King 94cm

As Tom Short and Chris Ellis both won their zones last night leaving just 92cm between them in the league table.

League Table

1st Tom Short – 2 points (1029cm)
2nd Chris Ellis – 2 points (937cm)
3rd Garry Mann – 5 points (867cm)
4th Luke Woodford – 5 points (400cm)
5th Ben Daniel – 6 points (726cm)
6th Dave Chidzoy – 6 points (673cm)
7th Glen Short – 7 points (272cm)
8th Paul Watson – 9 points (454cm)
9th Will King – 10 points (408cm)
10th Daniel Bristow – 11 points (522cm)
11th Billy King – 11 points (298cm)
12th Daniel Rose – 11 points (84cm)