The majority of anglers fish between 80 and 100 yards and sometimes getting that bit further distance can help increase your chance of catching a fish. Casting distance isn’t that hard you just need a good balanced setup so that the gear performs to its optimum giving you the best results. When I say distance fishing that can be anywhere from 100 yards to the best cast you can do. It’s not about hitting the furthest distance you can, It’s about fishing a bit further than everyone else  but a distance you can cast and bait to accurately to increase your chances.

Spombing 140 yards.

The fishing gear I use for my distance fishing isn’t anywhere near top of the range but it’s a comfortable and light setup that does the job I need it to do. The rods I use are the Spomb 13 LR Rods. They are quite a light in the hand rod and they are a slim blank making them a comfortable rod to hold. Fishing at distance and accurately with these rods I would use them up-to 140-160 yards over a bed of bait. The rods themselves I can put a single Hookbait 180+ yards, so anyone that can bait that far these rods are great for doing the long distance casts aswell. My reels are the ESP Onyx big pit reels what I like about the reels is that you have the drag option and the varied depths in spools. Most of the time I use the ultra shallow taper spool with braid to aid with the distance casting. However for the waters and venues that don’t allow the use of braid on the shallow taper spool I have a low diameter mono so that Im not breaking the rules but I can still Cast a fair way. The majority of the time I use the ‘RL’ Rapid Lockdown drag knob so I can tighten the spool quickly. The reels do come with a ‘FD’ Fine Drag knob aswell if you don’t want to tighten the drag at such a fast rate you could use this one. The braided mainline I recommend for the distance fishing is the Berkley whiplash. I personally use the 0.06mm which is 24.6lb in breaking strain. When using a braid that small you do need to use a shock-leader so I would recommend something like the Korda Arma Korda shock leader in the 30lb for the fishing rods. Due to the low diameter of the whiplash casting distance is really simple. The low diameter mono that I mentioned above is the Gardner GR60 in 10lb or 12lb this all dependant on fishery rules. Due to the low breaking strains I will again use a Arma Kord leader in 30lb on the monofilament mainline aswell. The mono will not cast as smooth as the braid and in most cases not as far but it will still cast a fair way, I personally can cast the mono 150+ yards. To finish the setup off I add a lead clip leadcore leader and a 4oz casting lead, This isn’t the same for everyone that’s the optimum for my setup depending on the rod and reel yours may be different

The rod that I use for my baiting is the Spomb 13ft LR (long range) swell , this is a very light in the hand and it is quite heavy in the action so you can launch the spombs a very long way. The reel that I use on the rod is the Penn Battle II beach reel it has a shallow tapered spool that makes the line lay perfect but also helps with the smooth flow of the line when its coming off the reel. It also has a very big retrieve and a robust easy grip handle making spombing effortless. The line again I use is the Berkley Whiplash 0.06mm 24.6lb and a Korda Arma Kord 50lb Shock leader. To finish the baiting setup off all you need is a spomb or spod. The setup as it is I could fish 155+ yards and accurately, I can put a spod further but they will be all over the lake. When baiting an area of the lake always pick an horizon marker when you cast so that the spombs all land in the same area.  If a further distance is required my top tip is just go out and practice casting and over time you will become more accurate when casting the bigger distances. When I bait 150+ yards I like to use a bit of particle or crushed Boilie glugged because they have quite a bit of weight to them meaning compressing the rod making it easier at hitting the long range requirements. 

Casting the distances may not come to you at first but over time and practice you will get there. I started on a gravel pit in the ringwood area and I couldn’t cast over 65 yards that was my max cast. Over a 2 week period I was practicing my casting in all the free time I had and I went from struggling to hit 65-70 yards (16.25 – 17.5 wraps) to casting 120 yards (30 wraps). 

A mid double linear caught on a German rig and an 18mm cc moore pacific tuna wafter. 

Tight Lines,