Lin Brook Carp Fishery is nestled in the Avon vally, Ringwood on the out skirts of the New Forest National Park.

A mature 6 acre gravel pit with abundance of features from gravel patches, reeds, a small island, Lilly’s and lots of carpy overhangs giving the angler plenty of features and options to fish.

The lake has been stocked with approximately 300 carp, also we have recorded 31 originals up to 33.06! Serveral other bigger fish have been seen but not caught yet. It will be a exciting year finding out what is actually in the lake.

We used the best fish farms in the country to obtain our desired stock with the highest possible English pedigree, from fully scaled, big plated mirrors, zip linears, leathers, and big shouldered commons.

The fish in terms of growth since stocking have been phenomenal, with many fish increasing by 5lb + per year and the best fish increasing by 8lb in one summer.

I’m sure you will agree when you visit Lin Brook Carp Fishery these young fast growing fish are magnificent !