This is something that we are all guilty of, not wearing a life jacket whilst fishing! This is something that we need to stop for our own safety and the safety of future anglers.


After speaking to some people at RLNI the advice is to wear an automatic life jacket! The impact of a standard bouyancy aid could cause you harm due to the force of you falling into the water, not to mention they are rather bulky. The inflatable life jackets engaged by a pull cord will not be as bulky to wear and do not carry the same risks on impact, however if you were to fall in a knock yourself unconscious or fall in due to a heart attack operating the jacket will be extremely difficult and this is without considering the panic or shock of falling in otherwise.

Taking all this into consideration the best option is to go out and buy yourself an automatic life jacket (pressure activated) that will operate upon submersion.

None other than Henry Gilbey has been to RLNI in Poole to see the effects, here is what he thinks…..