Hello, welcome to Loni’s

We are so glad you have found your way to our new site! Whilst we have a new online face, our business has been serving the local community for almost 20 years and we wanted to exchange fishing knowledge on a new platform. We believe that we are casting into new waters for the first time. Our aim is to tell anglers who we are, what we sell and why, what fishing we have around the area but more importantly the overall service we offer. On top of all that we want to interact with anglers online in the same manner we do in store, effectively making you a part of our fishing community and us yours.

Now anglers can ask questions directly on our site about fishing methods, local catch reports and help and advice with products. Naturally, we will answer at the earliest opportunity or other anglers can answer if they feel they can help. This is just like in our store where a customer asks a question and other anglers offer their opinions or simply listen in to learn something new.

Our product listings will be giving you the pros and cons that you don’t usually get from a generic sales blurb straight out of the manufacturer’s catalogue. As time goes by, we’ll upload videos with a detailed breakdown of what you need to know about that product.

The same goes for all the blog and local insight posts on this site. Every angler can upload their own reports, catch photos and ask or answer any questions about a lake, stretch of beach or charter boat.

We look forward to sharing our fishing experiences; ‘the highs and lows’ with you all.

See you at the water’s edge!