Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club is our largest local sea fishing club, with well over 100 members and plenty for its members to do. The club arranges numerous matches throughout the year for shore and boat anglers, a number of tackle evenings at their clubhouse, a summer BBQ and an annual presentation evening.

The club runs 5 opens throughout the year, spring shore open, specimen boat open, bass shore open, boat cod open and the flounder shore open (anglers do not need to be a member to attend these events).

Shore anglers have the choice of a number of match leagues all on a monthly basis; shingle bank league, winter league, weekend club league and summer league.

Boat anglers are spoilt for choice with a large boat match league, bait supplied species boat league, small boat league and recreational trips from a number of ports throughout the year giving members a chance to try a number of different boat fishing styles.

The tackle evenings are usually attended by more accomplished anglers and cover all disciplines and bases such as simple knots, bait preparation, tackle selection, rig building and even fish filleting.

Loni’s works closely with the club, we support their opens and attend many of the events and fish the odd match.

If you are new to match fishing I would suggest the shingle bank league for shore anglers and either the large boat or small boat comps for boat anglers. All of these matches allow you to fish in a manner that you prefer rather than any radical changes straight off.