Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club

Bait Supplied Boat Match League- Competition 5/6: Lymington

The penultimate bait supplied boat match sponsored by Loni’s Angling was fished aboard Lymington based catamaran “Voyager” skippered by Kevin Duell on 21st of August 2016.

​With a strong south westerly breeze forecast, Kevin made the decision to fish in the shelter of Southampton water. This in time became a total leveller, as this experience was new for all of us including Kevin.

​After a short journey through the Solent, Kevin dropped the anchor on the reclaimed land in front of Hythe Marina. It wasn’t long before the first fish were boated, catching the odd Mackerel, Scad, Whiting and Bass. It was soon clear that Malcom Stote and Chris Ellis were utilising their beach fishing expertise to fight out the lead. Although bites were hard to come by, Ed. Taylor then caught Gilthead Bream, this being a new species for the league.

​Not a bad start, five species from the first mark. A short move across to the other side of the main shipping channel just below Dockhead buoy, brought the odd Pout, Dogfish, Bass and Smoothound with Brian Dawkins adding two more species to his growing total to take over top spot.

​As the tide changed, Kevin lifted the anchor and decided to drift taking advantage of the wind against tide. Although the water was coloured, and the breeze was strengthening, Voyager was unmoved against the elements resulting in the odd fish still being caught as we drifted the length of Weston Shore. Again there was no stopping Brian, first a Pout, then another Smoothound and then a Plaice.
​With only two hours left the anchor was dropped just below Greenland buoy, it didn’t take long before a string of Pout began to come over the gunwales, mixed with the odd Whiting, Smoothound and a small Thornback Ray for Robin Lane. As the weather starting closing in, it was decided to fish the last three quarters of an hour close to the entrance of Ashlett Creek on the edge of the channel. Chris Ellis boating a large Scad almost immediately, a then a spattering of Pout until the final 20 minutes with both Steve Batchelor and Paul Hollyoake bagging two Smoothound each to save the day.

​Brian Dawkins came out top man on the day closely followed by Malcom Stote, ten species were caught on the day for a total of 85 fish. Not bad for a day that would have normally been cancelled.

Big thanks to Kevin Duell for giving us the opportunity to experiment with this venue, ten species and eighty fish cannot be dismissed. We have learned allot, and now believe we have a blow off venue for future matches.

The results were as follows:

1st Brian Dawkins 128 pts
2nd Malcom Stote123 pts
3rd Chris Ellis 92 pts
4th Paul Hollyoake 85 pts
5th Steve Batchelor 58 pts
6th Ed Taylor 43 pts
7th Derek Smith 41 pts
8th Robin Lane 41 pts
9th Roland Blomfield 30 pts
10th Steve Ellicott 15 pts

Overall positions after 5 matches:

1st Steve Batchelor 325%
2nd Paul Hollyoake 323%
3rd Malcom Stote 307%
4th Chris Ellis 304%
5th Ed. Taylor 289%
6th Arran Harmer 263%
7th Robin Lane 234%
8th Brian Dawkins 202%
9th Derek Smith 176%
10th Roland Blomfield 131%

Pairs positions after five matches

1st Steve Batchelor / Malcom Stote 633%
2nd Chris Ellis / Ed Taylor 593%
3rd Paul Hollyoake / Roland Blomfield 454%
4th Derek Smith / Arran Harmer 451%
5th Robin Lane / Brian Dawkins 437%

The final match will be fished aboard ‘Piscary’ skippered by Matt Rowe at Poole on the 11th of September