This years LDSFC bass event couldn’t have gone much better. Good turnout, fine weather and loads of fish. Andy Hopkins, Ian Dancey and Gavin Sloper shared the top spots on the day. Gavin had over 5m of bass with Ian and Andy both landing a bass of 29cm.

The open is divided into 2 categories, overall length of bass and single longest bass. Gavin Sloper had 525cm with runner up Becky Adams 378cm, 3rd Garry Mann 368cm and 4th Ollie Hopkins 366cm. The longest bass top prize was shared between Andy Hopkins and Ian Dancey each landing a bass of 29cm followed by Dave Stewart with his bass of 26cm, Chi Cheung, John Owen and Rob Webb ended up sharing 4th place as all 3 caught a bass of 25cm.

A last minute addition meant there was a £5 longest other fish pool added to the event with all competitors entering the pool. Local angler Alan Jones won the pool claiming £70 for a 50cm eel and Toby Oldfield took second place for his 31cm flounder. This pool will be added for next years event.

The catch and release open was fishing the Aden Bank stretch of the Lymington seawall. Anglers were pegged away from the corners to making the competition even.

Competitors could only win 1 prize, the results shown are in relation to the prizes awarded.