The latest alarms from JRC look great and are well priced as a set at £159.99, which saves you £24.97. They are available in blue, red, orange and green individually, however, they can be bought as either a multi-coloured set of three, or a set of blue. Individually, the bite alarms cost £49.99, which includes a hard case cover. Should you wish to buy the receiver it will cost £34.99 and you get a free JRC lanyard with it.



On the front of the alarms there are three no-nonsense controls that are user friendly. Travelling LED’S show the direction of the bite, including drop-backs – which in my opinion is the best feature – and they latch the LED for 20 seconds. The three adjustable settings: volume, tone and sensitivity are perfect for fine tuning, and the sound comes via a magnetised dynamic speaker with a digital amplifier, to make it crystal clear.  Additionally, the housing is made from super-tough high impact ABS, with non-slip rubber pads for the protection of the rod blanks.

Overall, these are a great investment for those looking to buy a set of alarms for under £200. They look great, are water and weather proof, have a night light function, have a rolling Id function which prevents interference from other anglers alarms and finally have three large dials for adjusting tone, volume and sensitivity which makes life easy at night. From my own personal experience, I think these alarms are worth every penny and I would not hesitate in recommending them to any angler looking for a new set.