The Loni’s Cod Masters 2017 date has been set for Sunday 29th October next year. We have seen an increase of interest for next years masters from charter boat skippers and local anglers. Worth booking early! The first prize is once again £1000, going to the angler with the heaviest overall weight of cod.

Anglers will be drawn onto the participating boats at random, the entrance fee includes the boat.

cod masters 2017

Before the Day

The entrance closing date is Saturday 7th October.

Anglers may book as a group (max 4 people).

Anglers will be drawn onto their boats at random prior to the day. Anglers will be notified of their boat.

Start of the Day

Check in will be at Bath Rd Car Park, Bath Rd, Lymington. Anglers are required to arrive no later than 7.30am to check in.

The last boat will leave no later than 8.30am.

The Fishing

  1. Anglers can only use one rod with a maximum of 3 hooks at any one time (pre-baited rigs are allowed)
  2. No Uptide fishing for safety reasons.
  3. Positions on boats are to be agreed by anglers and/or skippers.
  4. Fishing 10 am – 3pm, start and finish times will be signalled over the radio on the day.
  5. The comp will be in the Solent if the weather forces it to be.
  6. All anglers are responsible for sorting/marking their own fish. Markers will be provided.
  7. Any disputes are too handled by the skipper.
  8. There are no bait restrictions
  9. All Cod must be over 35cm to count.

End of the Day

Anglers will have to be back at scales by 4.30pm.

The winner will be the angler with the heaviest overall weight of Cod.

The above rules are subject to change. All anglers will be notified of any changes immediately.