The Win-Sum league is now in full swing as the fishing vastly improved on the second round of the LDSFC Win-Sum League. Everything about round 2 was better than the first, better weather, more anglers fishing and a greater number of fish caught.

Hordle Cliff was the venue for this bait-supplied fixture with a lot of excitement due to the anticipation of rays we could catch after many recent reports in the area. All anglers were supplied with ragworm, 2 mackerel and a small amount of squid, this had to last them the whole match.

Fishing began at 8pm with the majority of anglers targeting rays and dogfish from the start. It took a while for a fish to be recorded, almost an hour in fact until Paul Watson landed a small ray of 55cm. Minutes later Toby Oldfield was into a much bigger fish, a undulate ray that was also hi PB and first ever over 10lb.



The fishing from the other sections hadn’t been as productive but sure enough as the match went on reports filtered up the beach, there had been other big rays, dogfish and whiting. One of these reports was Nick Hayter’s ray of 95cm the longest fish of the night , Nick also have the longest overall length of any angler on the night. There weren’t any flat fish caught so the pool will be awarded to Toby Oldfield with the second longest round fish.

In stark contrast to the first round there had been several rays landed as well as a number of dogfish with other fish such as whiting thrown in for good measure, the next round will be fished at Southbourne on Wednesday 30th May.

The nights results are as follows…

Section 1

  1. Gavin Sloper 159cm
  2. Darren Cramer 148cm
  3. Toby Oldfield 142cm
  4. Ben Daniel 117cm
  5. Paul Watson 60cm
  6. Andy Dawkins 56cm
  7. Garry Mann 54cm
  8. Andy Hopkins 35cm

Section 2

  1. Malcolm Stote 116cm
  2. Ian Dancey 83cm
  3. Ollie Hopkins 56cm
  4. John Tharme 31cm
  5. John Sloper 28cm
  6. Paul Dibden, Glen Short, Marc Duncan & Glynn Savin BLANK

Section 3

  1. Nick Hayter 203cm
  2. Arron bridges 125cm
  3. Micheal Dawkins 117cm
  4. Chris Ellis 56cm
  5. Colin Saunders, Jamie Munden & Pete Chamberlain BLANK



Here is the league table after 2 rounds..