This league has been very well supported by shops and anglers alike. We have seen more and more of our anglers fishing these opens, a great testament to how enjoyable and well run the events are.

Here is the SLO report.

The SLO had it’s opening competition of 2019 at Eastney Sponsored by Lock Stock & Tackle on Saturday the 19th of Jan from 4pm until 9pm. 78 anglers fished in 4 zones with 60 anglers catching fish. The sizeable fish consisted of 1 Dab, 8 whiting, 1 Bass,7 Dogfish and 1 Flounder. The Winner of the match was Joe Wales with 3lb 11oz from peg 60 consisting of one Whiting, 2 Dogfish and 3 topups. Second place was Mike Taylor from peg 70 with 2 Whiting a Dogfish and 5 topups for 2lb 9oz.Nick Hayter was third with 2lb 5oz. Penn points on weight will be awarded to Joe Wales, Mike Taylor and Nick(Penn Champion) Hayter with Paul Carter and Ben Arnold receiving points for their zone victory’s. Heaviest round was Joe Wales/Paul Carter 1lb 13oz Dogfish, nominated fish Pout rolls over to next match, Paul Driver had heaviest flat with a 8oz Flounder.

Zone A,
Paul Carter 2-3-0 £100.00
Darren Newland 1-0-0 £80.00
Chris Clark Bca 0-15-0 £50.00
Ollie Mears 0-13-0 £30.00
Peter Jones 0-12-0 £10.00
Dave Ware 0-12-0 £10.00
Zone B
Ben Arnold 0-11-0 £100.00
Darren Perrett 0-10-0 £80.00
Jeff Fisk 0-6-0 £50.00
Nicky Frewin 0-5-0 £25.00
Mark Painter 0-5-0 £25.00

Zone C
Joe Wales 3-11-0 £100.00
Mike Groves 2-0-0 £80.00
Lee Gatrell 0-10-0 £50.00
Ryan Whitcombe 0-8-0 £30.00
Ian Dancey 0-8-0 £20.00

Zone D
Mike Taylor 2-9-0 £10.00
Nick Hayter 2-5-0 £80.00
Craig Edwards 1-6-0 £50.00
Riley Price 1-2-0 £30.00
Dan Mogridge 1-0-0 £20.00