Colmic Onda Mille Line


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The Onda Mille monofilamebt has been put through rigorous testing and has stood up to the elements. The product that has been created is a very supple mono but has great knot strength and extraordinary abrasion resistance. The line has low stretch which gives the mono a very sensitive bite detection. It is light blue in colour and is supplied on a large spool to aid with the memory.

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0.25mm/7.1kg, 0.30mm/9.1kg, 0.30mm/9.1kg, 0.25mm/7.1kg, 0.35mm/11.9kg, 0.35mm/11.9kg, 300m, 2000m


300m, 2000m, 300m, 2000m, 300m, 2000m, 0.25mm/7.1kg, 0.30mm/9.1kg, 0.35mm/11.9kg


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