Pike can be targeted in multiple ways whether that be dead baiting, live baiting or lure fishing. my favourite would have to be dead baiting because there is a better chance of catching a specimen Pike. In my opinion for beginners I would suggest lure fishing because it is more active, enjoyable and fun.

There are hundreds of lures on the market but some work better than others due to the size,colour and shape. There are metal, plastic and rubber lures available, but my favourite type of lure to use is a soft rubber one about 15cm – 20cm in size. During the three years i have been pike fishing i have tried and tested hundreds of lures and recently i have tried the Berkley Pre-Rigged Giant Ripple shad which, in my opinion, is one of the best lures available. It comes in multiple colours and is 16cm – 20cm, they are also reasonably priced both sizes are £5.99 Each, so it is not that painful on the wallet when you inevitably lose one.


The Berkley Pre-Rigged Giant Ripple has a lot of features that makes it stand out when compared to other lures. The treble hook on the bottom of the lure has a 360′ rotation to stop the fish using the fixed pressure and leverage to bump the hook. All the lures come with the Berkley blood red oval predator eye. Additionally, there is a ribbed pattern along the side, which creates a great flanking action in the water. To add to the flanking action there is a soft    wrist just before the over sized paddle tail. The paddle tail and the wrist have a 5cm swinging motion. All the features mounted together create an irresistible lure, which is why this lure is my favourite.



The other two methods are dead baiting and live baiting, which are quite similar the only differences being the bait state and the rig. Starting off with dead baiting i think that it is essential that anglers use pike wire due to the teeth of the pike will bite through mono or braid. to mount the bait to the rig you use treble hooks but not all three go into the bait or fish. On the rig for dead baiting i think it is crucial to have two treble hooks, one in the wrist of the tail and one in the side of the bait, this will make your bait more streamline when casting.



Only one hook from each treble should go into the bait, leaving two showing proudly from the bait, for the stability of the hooks i would recommend the use of bait elastic, this will stop the hooks from turning and burying into the bait. Generally when dead baiting i tend to use size 6 and 4 treble hooks and with dead baiting always best to fish a running lead system and the heaviest lead your rod can cast.

Live baiting is almost identical to the former method, however, you are more likely catch pike, perch, zander and chub on this method. This method is identical to dead baiting but the main difference is that one treble hook is used and it is put in the dorsal fin. Generally a float is used when fishing with a live bait. a lighter lead is normally used with a live bait as a heavier weight will tire the fish out, which is counter – productive to the method.

Hopefully you have found this helpful and it can help or improve your pike fishing. After reading this i hope you bag a few when you are next out.

See you by the waters edge, Billy.