With a forecast of fine weather and the right tide, ten Lymington and District Sea fishing Club members boarded Kevin Duells charter boat “Voyager” for a days recreational fishing.

Once all loaded and out of the quay, the crew had plenty of time to prepare rigs and baits for the first stop of the day which was to be a bank 10 miles out from the Needles, where planned targets for the day would be Rays and Spurdog.

With rigs comprising of heavier than usual mono and strong hooks baited with Mackeral, lines were soon in the water. The usual dogfish showed up but soon disappeared as our target fish the Spurdog turned up in numbers and soon all members were catching superb specimen fish, keeping both Kevin and crewman Neville busy netting and unhooking.

The best fish of the day fell to Harry Gray with fish of 18lb 10oz (155% specimen), closely followed by fish caught by Arran Harmer 17lb 2 oz, Pete Hurley 16lb 10oz, Paul Ibberson-Groves 15lb 2oz, Roly Blomfield 15lb 2oz, Nelson Phillips 14lb 10oz, Malcolm Gerrish 13lb 2oz, Robin lane 12lb 4oz, Alan Rutter 11lb 13oz, and a 25lb conger eel for Pete Drodge.

With the best part of tide now gone and to the surprise of Kevin, no Rays had showed therefore we moved further inshore for some plaice fishing in much shallower water.

Alan was the first to catch followed by Harry, and Paul, with Robin catching best sized at 1lb 5oz

Thanks go to Kevin and Neville for not only their knowledge and assistance but what a fine cup of tea they make and for the cleanliness of boat and of course the “head”.