Large Boat Recreation Trip 18 February 2017

With the promise of sunshine and low winds and a neap tide nine members of Lymington and District SFC boarded skipper Kevin Duell’s boat ‘Voyager’ for a day’s fishing.

With perfect sea conditions we were soon anchored at our first chosen spot, a bank some 10miles off the Needles where there was a chance of catching some of the species not caught very often at the closer to shore marks, these being Bullhuss and Spurdog.

With little tide movement lighter tackle and small baits saw some Whiting come aboard, Robin Lane quickly catching 3, Arran 2 and Harry and Malcolm also catching, a pair of Dogfish for Dan and the first Blonde Ray of the day for Roly.

As the tide picked up, the fishing did not and so a move was suggested by skipper to another bank nearer the Needles.

At this spot Brian caught a double, one dogfish and a plastic bag with the bag putting up the best fight, the fish returned but bag kept.

It was now time for Arran to come into his own and show us all how it should be done, starting with a conger that was boated and weighed 26lb 11oz followed by 3 Small Eyed rays largest being 5lb 2oz. Following that he went on to catch another small conger and the target species of the day a lovely specimen Spurdog which was also carefully boated and weighed in at 13lb 13oz, the teeth and spurs make this a fish to be handled carefully and it was returned unharmed.

A special mention to Kevin for all his knowledge that he shares with all and his crewman Nev for netting larger fish and always being there when tangles needed sorting.