At Loni’s we have and always do you want to say always? Maybe just refer to the past tense which is accurate but doesn’t then tie you in the future in an obvious way? will to buy from UK manufacturers especially in Hampshire & Dorset. The other advantage of dealing with homegrown companies is that the people making the decisions are anglers like you and I, fishing in the same waters. Their products will in turn be thought out and developed with our needs at the forefront.

We have been dealing with a lead and plastics company called Shore Cast Solent that makes all our sea leads, many of our carp leads and some rig components too. Although these are not large tackle items, they’re extremely important to our fishing.

CC Moore is a Dorset based bait company that makes top quality boils boilies? that are used by some of the region’s top anglers.2016 has seen us increase our holding of their products perhaps say why here.

The majority of our baits such as Ragworm, Peeler Crabs, Sandeels, Mackerel, Cuttle Fish, Earth Worms and many more have been sourced from the south.

Drennan and ESP, both UK companies, are two of our biggest trade partners who do produce items abroad through an ever competitive market, yet still produce some items here as well as using their own machinery abroad bridging the gap a little.

We will always as above look to UK companies when sourcing products. This is a challenging task but at Loni’s we are unfazed!

Please contact us on 01425 61632 if you would like to discuss how our products could assist or improve your angling. We’re always happy to help.