The penultimate match was held on Tuesday 11th October. Arron Bridges went into the match in the overall lead but well within reach of the chasing pack consisting of Ollie Hopkins, Gavin Sloper and Dan Panks. With so many rays being caught all year and the appearance of cod in recent weeks meant whoever didn’t produce could be out of the running completely.

On the night 12 members attended with only 7 catching a total 10 fish, undulate rays, spotted rays, smoothounds and pouting altogether weighing of 47lbs 14.7oz. The best fish of the competition was undulate ray weighing 12lbs 8oz caught by Danny Panks, this result catapult Danny up the leader board.

Results: 1st Danny Panks with 2 fish for 13lb 10oz, 2nd Arron Bridges with 1 fish for 10lb 8.3oz, 3rd John Sloper with 1 fish for 9lb 8oz, 4th Roland Blomfield with 1 fish for 8lb 4oz, 5th Ollie Hopkins with 1 fish 3lb 11.2oz, 6th Paul Watson with 3 fish for 1lb 13oz, 7th Keith Panks with 1 fish for 0lb 8.2oz.

Going into the last match Arron has a lead of almost 8lb ahead of Danny Panks with Ollie and Gavin trailing a little behind after an unfavourable result. To my knowledge neither Arron of Danny have ever won the Shingle bank league……it’s down to the wire.