LDSFC member Bob Miness won the 2016 Cod Open for a second time in recent years, this years comp had once again been restricted to the Solent due the strong NW winds on the weather forecast. Anglers couldn’t of wished for a better start to the day after a hard frost it was a crisp November morning, hardly a breath of wind & clear skies as well as the Solent having produced a great number of cod over the last few weeks.

Small boats also won the day with many of the top prizes going to anglers fishing aboard their own vessels, ‘Lazy Daze’ was the top charter boat for the second year running, Skipper Jeff Semple didn’t win the comp this time around but he and his other anglers featured in the prizes.


Last Laugh Cod

John Blake fishing aboard Last Laugh



Most fish seemed to be caught within the first couple of hours as the skipper of ‘Last laugh’ posted a picture early in the day. The tide then gathered pace hindering the catch rate for many. As high water approached later in the day the tide dropped allowing some anglers to catch their foe along with a good number of nice size pout. Junior Thomas Rickman caught a lovely pout of 1.51lb which was 1 of 3 he had fishing aboard ‘Manta Ray’ Thomas later returned the pout alive.



Cod Open Junior

Top Junior Thomas Rickman


Bob Miness is no stranger to these boat open as he yet again won the open with his 11.39lb Cod whilst fishing from his own boat ‘Do Ron Ron’. Ben Bridges was runner up with 10.86lb and Rob Ings finishing 3rd for his 9.91lb cod. Rob Ings  also won the two man team with his partner in crime Mike Pile winning with total of 17.23lb closely followed by last years winner Tim Daw and Jeff Semple who had a combined 16.33lb.


Cod Open Team

Two Man Team Rob Ings and Mike Pile


Thornback Rays where the heaviest other fish, Tim Daw and Rob Guppy both landing Rays for 6.32lb and 4.95lb retrospectively. Spotted rays, whiting and pout were among the other species caught on the day.

The 2016 open has 77 anglers enter including 1 junior with a total of 12 cod weighed in, some anglers were greedy and caught more than one!

Final placings:  1st Bob Miness 11.39lb, 2nd Ben Bridges 10.86lb, 3rd Rob Ings 9.91lb, 4th John Hall 9.22lb, 5th Lee Price 9.09lb, 6th John Blake 9.04lb, 7th Tim Daw 8.35, 8th Jeff Semple 7.98lb, 9th Mike Pile 7.32lb, 10th Sean Marsh 2.02lb, 11th Mark Jennings 1.85lb, 12th Jamie Miller 1.6lb and 13th Graham Hyde 1.54lb.

Top Junior:  Thomas Rickman

Two Man Team:  1st Rob Ings/Mike Pile 17.23lb, 2nd Tim Daw/Jeff Semple 16.33lb

Heaviest Other fish:  1st Tim Daw 6.32lb, 2nd Rob Guppy 4.95lb, Thornback Rays

Next years LDSFC Boat Cod Open will be held on Sunday 12th November……..


LDSFC Cod Open Winner

Winner Bob Miness