The new Imax FR Shelter has arrived on the market just in time as the Ian Gold igloo has been discontinued. The Imax FR is much lighter than many other shelters weighing under 4kg. So far so good, let’s take a closer look.

The Imax shelter also packs away smaller than a lot of leading beach shelters supplied with an oversized carry bag.

Imax FR Bag

The shelter has to be unfolded and the assembled this is fairly simple to do and the connections have been shape to lock into the correct place.

FR foldedFR Pole joints


Once the frame has been assembled you then open the shelter to your desired pitch and then spread out he red skirts.

Imax FR on beach


Cover the skirts with shingle or sand, depending on the venue.

FR Skirts with shingle


Once the shingle/sand is in place lift up the middle rib and locate the vertical support.

Imax FR going up


With the first support in place you then simply repeat the process with the horizontal support and the other rib of the Fr shelter.

Imax FR Inside


And it’s up, simple.

Imax FR Shelter



If you find the material is too slack then you can use the tighteners at the front of the shelter, one for each side.

FR Tension strap


On the outside are velcro rod holders to secure any rod that you have set up. There are a set of velcro holders each side.

Imax FR rod straps


I personally do not like the fact that this shelter folds in half. This has nothing to do with the strength of the shelter but the practicality of folding it back up in the wind and the rain, No thanks! The other issue with the shelter is that due to the designed shape without folding it in half it doesn’t slide into a rod holdall with ease………However I have purchased a strong strap to pull the frame into itself making far easier to put on my rod quiver. This does not distort the frame as the metal retains its shape. Solving the only issue I have with the Imax FR Shelter.

Some customers that have already purchased the shelter are more than happy to fold the FR away.


Strong Strap


Ready to go

Overall the Imax FR is a great shelter lightweight, waterproof, easy to erect in a bad weather and affordable. The shape of the shelter offers great head room. Personally for me this has replaced the Igloo at the top of the shelter chart as No.1.

See you by the waters edge……..