Hordle Lakes is known to many and at some point has been fished by most local anglers. Hordle is made up of 7 lakes; Tiddler, Canal, Willow, Tench, Long, Bobs and Spring.

Bobs is by far the most talked about lake which has two islands allowing anglers to cast at a feature (from certain swims). It is approximately 1.5-2 acres in size and is deepest on the southern side. Bobs boast carp of 30lb plus. Due to the size of the fish in the lake, anglers must have a landing net of at least 36 inches and an unhooking mat of 110 x 7 x 4cm as a minimum. All other lakes only stipulate a landing net and an unhooking mat within reason.

Spring lake has had some tench introduced to offer anglers a different target species. They are currently in the region of 6-7lb. All other lakes are comfortably stocked with carp and silvers.

Tiddler is a great place for children to start fishing. Full of small fish, your child can learn the art of playing fish whilst catching plenty keeping their attention. Depending on the age of the child, we recommend a 3 or 4 metre whip which are affordable and easy for beginners to master over a rod and reel.

The main fishery rules are barbless hooks only, landing nets and unhooking mats must be used, no keep nets, no nuts and no groundbait (unless in feeders). Dog owners be mindful that dogs are not permitted.

Contact number: 07734415101