It had been some time since John and I managed to fish from the beach together. As our boat trip with White Maiden had been cancelled due to the rough weather, we decided to make the most of the break in wind and rain on Sunday afternoon. As our fishing session was going to be short we armed ourselves with lug and squid, arguably the best 2 baits for the time of year.

High tide was around 2pm so we agreed on fishing Hurst spit, arriving just after 1pm and we headed for the bend. We were set up and fishing at about 1.45pm after briefly stopping to talk to a shop regular who had recently arrived.

Both John and I were targeting a better stamp of fish by using pulley & pulley pennel rigs as well as a paternoster tied with larger hooks. Bigger baits equals bigger fish. That was the plan.


Hurst Dogfish


On the very first cast, John caught a small dogfish, certainly not the most glamorous of catches but a fish none the less. A couple of casts later the tide started to pull a little and I had stupidly left my bait out for too long. The rod got pulled over and my rod came worse off. I tried to recover my rig with a broken tip but the line gave! Not my finest fishing experience.


Broken Tip


John had had another bite and luckily enough for me my lost rig had got caught up with his allowing him to haul in mine along with another dogfish. This time his was larger at roughly 1.5lb.

After setting up another rod I decided to change tactics slightly and put out a 2 hook paternoster on size 1 hooks baited with lug and squid strips to suit the size of the hook. This proved to be a worthwhile change as I caught a Pollock of 40cm. In the meantime, John had caught a Pout.




After baiting up again I was back out fishing. Two fish in quick secession between us got us excited. It wasn’t overly long before John had yet another bite, a more positive one. He had gone and caught himself a Bass of approximately 2lb.


Bass for John


As always when a better fish is caught, everyone gets a little lift.  Mine, however, was short lived as I had already baited another pulley rig. I went to reel in only to find my line had been caught up and shortly after been freed the line broke. I can only assume that a bit of weed had pulled my line down into the surf burying the line causing it to part. All the while, John being John caught a decent sized Pout as I was once again losing all my gear.


Big Pout


John had one last cast but produced nothing. By this time the light had gone so we packed up and headed home. It was great to get out and make the most of the weather, spend time with a friend, go fishing and catch a few fish, I will admit John had the better day.

John used an up and over pulley pennel rig that he had seen on a TAFishing show demonstrated by Steve Perry whereas I was using a simple pulley rig and a 2 hook paternoster (which caught me the Pollock). The long traces clearly made the difference.



See you by the waters edge….