Recently I ventured down to a local club lake that has started to produce fish again after not being very productive throughout the autumn this year. The lake that I intended to fish is probably one of the south coast’s ‘busiest’ club waters. Usually you cannot get a swim on a Saturday but I managed to set up in a well known winter swim, ‘Caravan’, which had been producing a few fish as well, so confidence was sky high.

My bait arsenal included Sticky Baits Manilla White Ones 16mm, Sticky Krill 16mm boilies, maggots and hemp & tiger nut particle mix. The swim that I chose tends to be a thoroughfare where the fish come and go all the time. With this knowledge I decided to fish small tight, bait patches for a bite at a time. The fish had been coming out to the left of the swim which is closed off by an out of bounds rope across the surface. Casting and baiting was easy, each rod would be fished to a separate buoy with bait over the top. Each rod had a total of four spombs over the top, three spombs of maggots, one of krill boilies and a hemp and tiger nuts mix. The hook bait that I used was a whittled down 16mm Manilla White One with a bunch of maggots on top. Using this method it is near irresistible for all species.

The downfall of many carp.

The rig that I use when fishing this way is quite simple. It is a normal hair rig with a few tweaks to present the bait as I like. I have the length of my rig set at 9″ – although rig length is a matter of personal preference. On the eye of the hook I have a kicker, this creates a long shank effect and ensures a great hook hold every-time. Also just to pin the hook link to the lake bed I will add a Fox Kwik change pop up weight, alternatively you can use tungsten putty. Instead of a looped hair, what I do is tie on a micro ring swivel so I can floss the pop up and maggots to the rig. There are various other rigs you can use with this method, one being the German rig. I prefer to use my rig over the German rig because the hook baits sinks slowly and sits up like a Ronnie rig over the debris.

The maggot rig – Tied with Thinking Anglers Tungskin Hooklink 25lb and Thinking Anglers Out Turned Hook.

Lets see what the last 24 Hours bought me…..

Throughout my session on the lake I managed a total of six bites, one being a bream and five being carp. Of the five runs I managed to land three and I did land the bream. The three carp that were landed were all commons, first one being 17-18lb, second one 22lb on the nose and the biggest common of the session went 28lb 12oz. The bream that I caught was about 10-12lb, not what i wanted!

Biggest Common at 28lb 12oz on the mat.

Till next time tight lines!