Why does the focus turn to the use of pop-ups in the colder months, more so than any other type of bait? Is it a confidence thing or is there a theory that pop-ups are more productive in the winter months?

The decision is simple, the mechanics and performance of pop-up rigs make them the superb choice for cold water carping. Regardless of the choice of rig that can be used with a pop-up, the hook bait is never too far away from the hook point. This will ensure that the most lazy and finicky feeding fish will inhale the bait far enough into the mouth for the hook to take hold. Rigs that are designed for use in conjunction with popped up baits aren’t restricted to pop-ups alone. Wafters and bottom baits can also be utilized. However, the hooking ability of these rigs can be compromised by using these different baits due to the weights negatively affecting the mechanics of the rig. Ultimately, this can result in lost fish.

Multi Rig with a 12mm yellow Pop-Up.

With the change in season comes a change in weather conditions. As autumn sets in we are often greeted with a series of storms that come off of the Atlantic. The strong winds and heavy rain assist in beating the leaves off of the trees and a lot end up in the water. Over time, this debris will sink down through the water column and on to the bed of the lakes. This can have a massive impact on the presentation of rigs and consequentially the hook bait being employed. 

early November and a big change in the weather.

Whether you are using a 12mm pop-up, finned down pop-up or a corkball hooker in conjunction with the conquering Ronnie, Choddy, Multi Rig or Hinge Stiff Rig, you need to consider keeping the rigs balanced, hook points sharp and make sure that the desired rig doesn’t tangle on the cast.

Spring is just round the corner……

Billy with a 28lb 6oz linear, his first spring fish from Hightown.

See you soon and tight lines,