Vass 350 Winter Jacket


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Vass are pleased to introduce the new ‘TEAM VASS 350 WINTER’ range. 

This range has been developed for Sea Fishing (Boat and Shore) to resist the most extreme wind and rain. The Vass-Tex 350 material is heavy duty and tough whilst maintaining a supple and flexible handle.

This ensures that the garments are easy to wear when fishing and less restrictive than most heavy-duty rainwear. It’s important to know that the Vass-Tex 350 ranges are ideally suited for anglers that are usually fishing on the shore or in a boat for long periods during extreme wind and rain. Its waterproofness is very high (up to 50,000mm) therefore is not breathable (although it does have some internal moisture wicking properties to help with comfort). 

Therefore it’s not recommended for anglers that require lightweight, breathable garments (with lower waterproofness) for use in warmer or less extreme conditions. 

Like all products, it’s important to select your equipment and clothing according to your requirements.

Some describe the ‘Team Vass 350’ as a 
‘Modern Sports Oil Skin for Professional Sea Anglers’!!

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