Tronixpro Triple Spreader Boom


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A rig designed for scratching over sand, ideal for use by competition anglers and species hunters looking to catch a large number and wide variety of fish. The boom consists of three metal booms which are linked together with flexible joins, the top boom is separated from the bottom two booms by a swivel, this allows the booms to move up and down independently of each other. The rig features two booms towards the weight end for fishing on the bottom, the two booms are at opposite sides to each other to eliminate tangles. The top boom is close to the top swivel to fish above in the water. This allows the angler to fish different depths to catch dabs, gurnards, whiting and a whole host of other species. A gentle jig will add extra attraction to the baits as they flutter, for further enhancement, snoods with luminous beads or coloured beads and blades will work well.


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