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The Gravity Stove is for people who want a stable and compact stove option, but still want the convenience of using a remote gas canister. With a foldable 4-leg design, the Gravity works for large pots and bigger groups, but is light enough to bring on shorter adventures. Thanks to the preheating coil, the Gravity Stove can also be used during the cold season, puts out 2700W, and can heat a liter of water in less than 4 minutes. The independent t-grip Piezo igniter sparks in all weather conditions, making the igniter a perfect stove side kick, and the built-in hex head on the end of the igniter helps service the stove. A foldable windscreen, a heat reflector, a remote piezo igniter and a nylon storage bag accompany the stove. The Gravity MultiFuel Kit is available as an accessory if you want to upgrade to a liquid fuel stove for use with naphtha fuel and lead-free petrol, and even kerosene in emergencies.



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